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National Conference.

Join us at the national AIHA Conferences where patients have the opportunity to hear from leading hepatologists and other experts, learn about the latest research and scientific discoveries, and connect with others who have this rare disease.

Our next national conference will be in June 2021. Check out all the exciting details below.

Nearly 200 patients and family members attended our third national AIHA Patient Education & Support Weekend in June 2019. 

2021 Virtual Conference.

Join us June 21 to 25, 2021, for AIH Connected, the AIHA’s online patient conference. Talks will be released each day here on our website and through our Facebook page. Registration 

is not required.


This year's talks were all determined by you, our members, and include a special focus on diet and nutrition, complementary and alternative medicine, and the latest AIH research. 

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, Sanguine.


Conference Schedule 

June 21, 2021

University of Pennsylvania

Therese Bittermann, M.D. 

AIH 101: What to Expect as a Newly Diagnosed Patient

From common medications you’ll take and possible side effects to the regular lab work your doctor will order and questions you should ask, Dr. Bittermann will break down what you need to know as a newcomer to AIH. 

Einstein Healthcare Network

Victor Navarro, M.D. 

CBD, Milk Thistle, and Tumeric: Can They Help AIH, and Do They Have the Potential to Cause Harm?

Dr. Navarro shares more about these supplements, the potential risks involved, and what patients should do if they want to try them. 

June 22, 2021


University of Indiana School of Medicine 

Craig Lammert, M.D. 

The Latest AIH Research 

Dr. Lammert will share the latest AIH studies and explain what this new research means in the care of patients with AIH. 

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Cara Mack, M.D. 

AIH Treatment Guidelines: How Are They Created, and Why Do We Need Them? 

Did you know that the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases publishes guidelines to help doctors diagnose and treat patients with AIH? Dr. Mack will share what has changed in the new guidelines published recently. 

June 23, 2021

Insurance Professional

Jen Reilly

How to Navigate AIH When You’re Uninsured or Underinsured

Jen will detail the basics of private and public insurance and give some tips and tricks for how to plan for and handle large medical bills. 


Glenn Sinko and Betsy Zimmerman

Disability Benefits: Who is Eligible and How to Begin the Process 

If you feel like you can no longer work due to AIH, what should you do? Learn more about whether you might be eligible for disability benefits and the process for applying.

June 24, 2021

University of Colorado 

Dania Brigham, M.D. 

My Child Has AIH. What Happens Next? 

When your child is diagnosed with a rare disease like AIH, it can be a frightening experience. Dr. Brigham will share what your family can expect and how this disease impacts pediatric AIH patients for the long-term. 

Child Life Specialist


Supporting Siblings

The entire family is impacted by a rare disease diagnosis, not just the patient. We provide some resources and information so parents can support not only their affected child but siblings as well.  

Senior Attorney, Indiana Disability Rights

Keith Butler

Navigating School With AIH

Do children quality for extra assistance or accommodations in school because they have AIH? We’ll share more about the options available to help children and teens in school, college, and beyond. 

June 25, 2021

University of Pennsylvania 

James Lewis, M.D. 

Lessons Learned from IBD: Diet Studies, Inflammation, and Quality of Life  

While no diet studies have been conducted in AIH, studies in inflammatory bowel disease, another autoimmune condition, have shown that certain vitamins and supplements can help inflammation and quality of life. Dr. Lewis shares more about IBD research and how these learnings could potentially be applied to other autoimmune diseases like AIH. 



Putting IBD Research into Practice 

A registered dietician will explain how to put IBD nutrition research into practice in our everyday diets. 

Home cook 

Sonja Overhiser

Cooking Demonstration

Sonja is the author of the award winning website A Couple Cooks and the acclaimed cookbook Pretty Simple Cooking. She and her husband, Alex, are leading voices on healthy plant-forward home cooking, and authors of a recipe series with Washington Post Food called Voraciously: Plant Powered. Featured from the TODAY Show to Bon Appetit, Sonja is passionate about healthy eating and food justice, and seeks to make the world a better place one bite at a time.


2019 Conference Recap.

Nearly 200 patients and family members attended our third national AIHA Patient Education & Support Weekend in June 2019. From presentations from hepatologists and other specialists to social activities with fellow patients, the weekend was a resounding success. We piloted a mindfulness program to give patients tangible tools to combat anxiety and depression. And, for the first time, we offered a series of talks geared specifically for caregivers of pediatric patients. Patients also had the opportunity to participate in an AIH study at the conference and contribute to expanding the knowledge of our rare disease.


“Being surrounded by people who knew exactly what I was going through without having to say anything is a comfort I had been longing for. This weekend was magical.”

—Jillian Goodwin, 2019 conference attendee